Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Text scribing

Text scribing can be done in two ways -- one low tech, one high tech:
  1. On flip charts with a marker
  2. On a computer with the output presented on the wall using an LCD projector


sedge said...

Paul, Can we suggest a third, that is the scribe can facilitate the process of having the group use post-it notes. We use this technique to get many ideas on bits of paper and plastered on the wall. Sometimes I do the clustering with help, sometimes the group comes forward and does that part. Now this brings up the question of dealing with these ideas, once they are themed. If we split the participants into sub-groups and allow each sub to take a cluster away, for wordsmithing immediately, or for some future report, what role does the scribe play in that process? Secondly, how might the scribe facilitate that, so that we get the maximum breadth of participation, but also a high degree of efficiency?

Paul Groncki said...

Good point and good questions...see the posting on March 11th for my thoughts...